Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Martian, NASA, Blood Moon, & #SciFiChat

Unless you're actually living on Mars, and cut-off from Earth like our hero from The Martian, you must have heard about Ridley Scott's film based on Andy Weir's masterpiece. I'll be seeing it this weekend. If the film lives up to the book, I will probably see it again. I loved the book that much. If you enjoy science fiction, it's a must-read. 

While we're on the subject of the red planet, did you know you could have sent your name to Mars via NASA's InSight Mission? 

I left it too late to sign up, but there will be more opportunities, starting with the Exploration Mission 1. Follow this link to sign up for email notification of future missions.

I had meant to post about the recent Blood Moon over a week ago, but time slipped away almost as fast as the Lunar Eclipse itself. At least it felt that way. As this week's post is space-related, I bumped it to today. 

Like a lot of my British friends, I set my alarm for 2am on September 28th. I watched bleary-eyed from the comfort of my bed. All I had to do was open my curtains! I didn't get as good a view as some of my friends, because I live in town and there is considerable light pollution. However, thanks to favourable weather conditions, I did watch it turn red. I was glad I'd made the effort - I'll be 76 years old when the next one occurs, assuming I'm still alive.

I do have some photographs of the event, as seen from Exmouth, courtesy of one of my work colleagues. Thanks for allowing me to share them, Simon.

All photographs © Simon Stone 2015

If you're a science fiction fan and on Twitter, there's a fantastic weekly science fiction chat every Friday, between 3-5pET. The chat is hosted by @scifichat (David A. Rozansky) and always produces lively and inspiring conversations. Last week's topic was Mars. To take part, use the #SciFiChat hashtag.

Finally, I have a huge favour to ask. Fellow Untethered Realms member M. Pax needs help to promote both her upcoming book release and this year's Realms Faire. If you're unable to do much, just signing up for her Thunderclap would be an enormous help. Please drop by her blog and see how you might be able to help.

Have you read The Martian and/or are seeing the film? Does sending your name to Mars on a NASA mission excite you? Did you see the Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon?

Monday, 28 September 2015

Ghost Dancer, Demon in the Basement, & Mayhem Returns!

Before I start my blog post, I have to share an awesome find. A friend of mine found the Starship Enterprise re-created using the stones on a beach near to where I live. Isn't it fabulous?

© Julie Thomas, 2015

Now on with my post. The super-talented Christine Rains has just published the first book in her The Paramours series, Ghost Dancer. All three of the books promise to be breatheless erotic reads for those who don't want a scary ghost story.

The Paramours - ghost hunting with a kiss.

When Nina Azure’s talent as a ghost dancer doesn’t persuade a handsome phantom to talk, she entices him with sizzling sexual energy. Ben Moore’s spirit is tied to this world with guilt, but he breaks his self-imposed silence for the beautiful Nina. Lust makes him fully physical and she loses herself to desire. She must help him carry on to the afterlife, but her attraction to him is immensely powerful. She must push aside her own feelings and let him go—and perhaps find romance among the living.

Buy links: Goodreads / Ellora's Cave / Kobo

The insanely talented River Fairchild has given us another collection of stories to send you hiding under the covers.

Thirty-two stories, including a novelette by the same title, to keep you awake at night.

A time-traveling Chevy, an ancient church of evil, a house possessed by black magic. Stories to fill you with dread, draw you into places you'd rather not go, smack you in the face with ironic possibilities.

Meet the monsters of myth, the creatures that lurk under your bed, the phantoms you thought didn't exist. Travel to the real Atlantis, strap in for the Bermuda Triangle. Terror lurks in the ocean, while an asteroid hides a secret.

Leave a nightlight on before you go to sleep. Something's coming for you.

Buy links: Amazon / Barnes&Noble / Smashwords / other links /

Finally, for those of you who expressed an interest in the Mayhem in the Air anthology, I now have blurb to share with you.

Coming October 31st.

From Amazon bestselling and popular science fiction and fantasy authors comes Mayhem in the Air, a supernatural anthology of ten thrilling tales. Meet hot robots, hungry winds and the goddess of chaos. Explore alien planets, purgatorial realms, and a shocking place where people bury the living with their dead. Mayhem in the Air is the second, long-awaited story collection from the dynamic and inventive Untethered Realms group.

“A Strange Penitence” by Catherine Stine – A young artist pays a supernatural price when a drawing trip to North Carolina turns deadly.

“Mass Transit” by Graeme Ing – For Emily, mind over matter is not just a saying, but the gateway to her career among the largest starships built by man.

“A Tangled Weave” by River Fairchild – A TimePulse rips through the Great Tapestry of Life, leaving Earth’s history in a jumble, and Death and Chronos in a race to save the world yet again.

“Corrosive” by M. Pax – In a world ruined by pollutants, Bex sets off to establish a new homestead with her dreamy robotic man. Already farming her plot of land is another dreamy man with radical ideas, presenting new challenges as corrosive as the air.

“Saving Scrooge: A Short Story Prequel to the Saving Marley Series” by Gwen Gardner – Marley is sent from purgatory to save the soul of his old friend. Can he save his own in the bargain?

“The Silent Wind” by Christine Rains – A team of specialists must dispel a mysterious storm on an alien planet to prepare it for colonization. One by one the crew disappears until only a seasoned soldier remains. How can he battle a hungry wind that makes no noise?

“Paper Lanterns” by Cherie Reich: In order to keep his promise to his daughter, Mayor Alfred Merry must betray the woman he loves.

“Chaos. Hope. Love.” by Misha Gerrick – Although Eris is the goddess of chaos, her life has fallen into a nice and comfortable routine. Until someone from her past shows up in her bookstore.

“Cardinal Sin” by Julie Flanders: Beleaguered hospital workers bury the living with the dead in the midst of a tuberculosis epidemic and a seething spirit vows vengeance from the skies.

“The Ark” by Cathrina Constantine -Plagued with memory flashes of fiery explosions and running for her life, Fallon emerges from a drugged stupor to find herself in an airborne Ark, and the earth below is a drowning wasteland.

Add it to your Goodreads list.

That's all for this week. What did you think of the beach art? Have any of the books grabbed your interest? Are you looking forward to Halloween?